Custom Digitally Printed Scarf & Hawaiian Shirt with Theme. Your logo or image can be put on the pattern you choose. Or a new pattern can be created based on your liking. We especially specialize in producing silk related products.
Custom Digitally Printed Scarf & Hawaiian Shirt with Theme.  Your logo or image can be put on the pattern you choose.Or a new pattern can be created based on your liking.  We especially specialize in producing silk related products. 

Silk Scarves

Our custom silk scarves are made from 100% fine natural silk, created and printed uniquely for each individual customer. We almost can accommodate any scarf size and style you may are interested..

Silk Fabrics and Sizes:

A variety of sizes and silk are offered. The more popular sizes include 10" x 45", 22" x 22", 26" x 26", 10" x 60, 18" x 72", 36" x 36". Size can be customized per each customer's requirement. We provide almost all silk available in the market that can be used to do printed scarves, e,g, satin, twill, crepe, chiffon, georgette, habotai, silk/cotton or silk/modal blend, even wool if you are looking for thicker scarves for warm reason. Weight of silk ranges from 6mm(mommie) to 18mm, depending on the silk selected.


Design and Color Matching:

Customers may provide their own design or we can create computer generated artwork based on the idea or logo from them. We prefer files in real vector pdf format. Other formats like jpg, tiff, png, and ai are acceptable as long as the resolution of the file is good enough. If you desires a specific color for your custom scarf, please provide pantone number from the Pantone Solid Coated or Uncoated Guide. We will try our best to match the colors you want but 100% matching can not be guaranteed.


Sample Approval and Mass Production:

Customer may approve mass production by seeing an actual sample with some cost, from $70 - $90, or approve production by viewing a computer generated digital artwork or a digital picture of the custom printed swatch made with your design/logo on a monitor for fast delivery. Normal production time is 25 - 30 days if a physical sample is not required.


Printing Method :

We now offer digital printing only which is similar to ink jet printing: what you scan is what we print on the silk. It is more suitable for scarves with complicated and abstract designs in which color tones can be too varied to be managed by other printing method.


Hemming and Tassel:

Machine stitch is the most common way to do the stitching. Customer can also choose hand rolled hem for their scarves. It cost only extra $1 per piece to have the quality rolled hem on the scarves you order. Tassel are available with reasonable extra cost, determined by the length and density of tassel.


Labeling and Packing:

Standard washing/composition tag will be put on each of scarves customer orders. Custom label can be custom made and put on the scarf with extra one time fee, $35, required. All of your scarves will be individually packed in PP bag.


Shipping and Delivery:


Unless instructed otherwise, we ship customer's order via courier service with shipping fee prepaid. Customs duty in your country is not included in the fee we charge. Time required for shipping is varied with different location in different counry. Normal shipping time could be from 5 - 8 working days.







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